Re: [gtkmm] Re: [sigc] Building libsigc++ under Win32 for use with Intel C++ Compiler 6.0

At 07:47 AM 11/6/2002 +0000, Dirk Gerrits wrote:

My goal is to be able to create Windows apps using gtkmm2. I'd like to be able to use Intel6 for this which is a pretty nice compiler and integrates seamlessly into Visual Studio .Net.

I don't have access to the Intel compiler but last time I tried MSVC++ could not compile libsigc++ due to a "partial template specialization" if I remember correctly

Someone replied to my gtkmm-list post privately (not sure if he wants to remain anonymous) saying that the libraries should be compatible with MSVC and Intel if they are compiled using -mms-bitfields with GCC/MinGW.

-mms-bitfields (the old -fnative-struct) makes the gtk+-2.0 library compatible between MSVC and mingw because the C compiler does not mangle the function names, unlike C++ (except if you use extern "C" around all your declarations !!!). I don't think MSVC++ and mingw share the same name mangling scheme.

Anyway, at this point I'm so frustrated that settling to use MinGW for my app doesn't seem like much of a problem. Besides, it's probably a lot more standard compliant than Intel anyway. ;)

So, armed with all the information I gathered from your helpful email and some Googling, I did the following:

1) Installed MinGW-2.0.0-3 to C:\MinGW.

2) Ran Cygwin's setup.exe and made it download and install ALL available packages
from the mirror to C:\cygwin. (I figured that this would
give me the least dependency problems, and I've got the harddisk space. ;)

3) Edited C:\cygwin\etc\profile for MinGW:

4) Changed line 5363 of C:\cygwin\usr\autotool\devel\share\aclocal\libtool.m4
and line 2956 of C:\cygwin\usr\autotool\stable\share\aclocal\libtool.m4 from:
#       printf ("\t%s @ %ld ;\n", erva+name_rva, 1+ i);
#       printf ("\t\"%s\" @ %ld ;\n", erva+name_rva, 1+ i);

I don't know if the development brach of the autotools from cygwin will work in our case. I personally compiled the latest stable release of those tools (autoconf-2.52, automake-1.6.1, libtool-1.4.2 and modified libtool.m4 as you did.

As described in
(Did I do this right? I thought # indicated a comment?)

5) Downloaded and unzipped all of the following files (with use folder names and overwrite all)
5a) From

You installed both gtk-1.2 (gtk+-1.3.0 brach) and gtk+-2.0 (gtk+-2.0.x branch). I don't know if they work nicely together, especially if they were installed in the same root directory !!! If I was you, I would install the gtk+-2.0.x libs only and try to compile a simple gtk+-2.0 example.

5b) From

(Maybe this is overkill? And perhaps I downgraded some of the cygwin packages? But trying to build this stuff myself has invoked a bad case of dependency-paranoia. After all this my cygwin dir is 883 MB though.)

If you install the full cygwin, you might get conflicts with cygwin libraries when using libtool. An example I frequently encountered is the libintl and iconv libraries. When possible, libtool looks for .la files. Because libintl and iconv do not come with those .la files (or they are broken). libtool reverts to the .la files from cygwin -> you get a bunch of undefined symbols and other errrors at link time.


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