Re: [gtkmm] Compilation problems on win32

--- Cedric Gustin <cgustin ibelgique com> wrote:

> >make[3]: *** []
> >Error 1
> This might be related to to impgen bug that was
> reported on the 
> libtool-devel mailing list a few months but hasn't
> made its way to the 
> stable branch yet. See
> for 
> details.

I don't think so. That bug says that impgen produces
incorrect output. In my case impgen produces nothing
at all and aborts the compilation, apparently because
the command line is wrong. And the place where it
fails is different. (I never get to linking pangomm)

> >Another thing is that I had to move some mingw's
> >binaries, such as ld.exe and dlltool.exe, away from
> >the search path. Only cygwin's tools worked. I had
> >this same problem compiling gtkmm 1.2. Is this a
> bug,
> >feature or something else?
> Don't do this. I never never never mix the binutils
> or gcc tools from 
> cygwin and mingw. I use cygwin for its bash, make,

I really tried to use only mingw's tools. But if I do
the compilation halts in less than a minute. Moving
the offending programs away from path does work:
libsigc++ 1.2 compiles, links and works (all checks
pass) without dependency on the cygwin DLL.

I admit it's not very aesthetic, but it works. (or at
least it did work before ;) Maybe the docs could use
some more info on how the win32 build environment
should be set up?

> May I recommend you to try MSYS ? You can find it on
> the mingw page 
> (

The docs say that msys is not supported. Are there any
estimates on how difficult it is to get this working?

> You can also find my binaries at
> They were compiled for mingw-2.0.0 (gcc-3.2)

Does code that compiles with gcc 3.2 also compile with
2.95? I do my main development on a Debian box, which
still uses 2.95 and most likely will for a long time.
I don't  want to maintain two different branches.

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