Re: [gtkmm] Compilation problems on win32

Hi Jussi,

At 11:55 AM 11/6/2002 -0800, Jussi Pakkanen wrote:

I'm trying to compile gtkmm2 on Windows. I use Cygwin
with Mingw, and have mingw in the path before Cygwin's

Libsigc compiled and installed nicely. Gtkmm is giving
me trouble. Configure passes, but make breaks with

extracting exported symbol list from
test -f .libs/impgen.c || \
      sed -e "/^# \/\* impgen\.c starts here \*\//,/^#
\/\* impgen.c ends
here \
*\// { s/^# //;s/^# *$//; p; }" -e d < ../../libtool >
      test -f .libs/impgen.exe || (cd .libs && \
      if test "x" != "x" ; then  -o impgen impgen.c ;
      else gcc -o impgen impgen.c ; fi)
      .libs/impgen /usr/local/lib/libsigc-1.2-5.dll >

make[3]: *** []
Error 1

This might be related to to impgen bug that was reported on the libtool-devel mailing list a few months but hasn't made its way to the stable branch yet. See for details.

Another thing is that I had to move some mingw's
binaries, such as ld.exe and dlltool.exe, away from
the search path. Only cygwin's tools worked. I had
this same problem compiling gtkmm 1.2. Is this a bug,
feature or something else?

Don't do this. I never never never mix the binutils or gcc tools from cygwin and mingw. I use cygwin for its bash, make, perl, m4, vi and that's all. I don't use the autotools (automake, autoconf, libtool) from cygwin, either the stable or development branches. I have my own local copy of automake-1.6.1, autoconf-2.52 and libtool-1.4.3 that I compiled with mingw (when relevant).

Furthermore, I always make sure that the target directories have the same mount points on cygwin and on the windows file system. Example : C:\usr\local (not C:\cygwin\usr\local !!!) is mounted as /usr/local and C:\home\gustin is mounted as /home/gustin. Last point : never forget that mingw uses environment variables where paths are separated by ; while cygwin uses the unix syntax (with the :) ! If you don't pay attention, this cygwin/mingw interplay can quickly become a nightmare.

An alternative is to use gcc from cygwin with the -mno-cygwin (msvcrt runtime) option. I haven't tried that for a long time.

May I recommend you to try MSYS ? You can find it on the mingw page (

You can also find my binaries at


They were compiled for mingw-2.0.0 (gcc-3.2)

A final comment : I just found a win32-related bug yesterday. When compiling gtkmm-2.0, you should enable maintainer-mode (--enable-maintainer-mode) in the configure script and delete in the gtk/gtkmm directory. This file contains references to gtk types that are not available in gtk+-2.0 for win32. will then be recreated with the proper gtk types. Of course, you won't have this problem if you're using the cvs version.


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