[GtkGLExt] Upstreaming GTK+-3 port

Hi maintainers of gtkglext!

I'm interested in getting my port of gtkglext to GTK+ 3 into the
upstream repository. It's not finished, but works. I'm mostly done with
breaking things, so now seems a good time for integrating the first
round of patches.

I currently have over 120 patches against all parts of the source tree.
The patches include

  - minor cleanups; such as typos, fixed compiler warning, etc.;
  - support for on-screen drawables on X11 and win32;
  - support for multiple targets in the binary; and
  - API cleanups.

I had to drop support for color-index rendering and off-screen pixmaps,
due to shortcomings in GTK+ 3. However, I'll re-add pixmap support for
windows of type GDK_WINDOW_OFFSCREEN. I also removed the extension
interface to ease the conversion to GTK+ 3. I don't have a Macintosh, so
I cannot do the port of the quartz target.

How do you prefer to receive these patches? Is there anything
controversial that should be discussed first?


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