[GtkGLExt] I'd like to help maintain the documentation of gtkglextmm

dear maintainers and users of gtkglextmm,

I spent almost 3 days in porting my gtkglextmm program from a
gnu/linux debian environment to windows vista and xp environment, it's
a very hard procedure, I searched so much in google and asked so many
questions in mailing list, fortunitely, I have now been successful!

I hope I can publish my experience onto the official website of
gtkglextmm, so that other users do not need to walk the hard path,
generally, it includes the following contents:
1. install mingw and msys
2. install gtkmm, gtkglext, and gtkglextmm
3. compile your own application
I will write a detailed document for it, as well as provide some
precompiled binaries and documents, in both english and chinese

I have been a web developer for 4 years, and recently I started
programming in gtkmm and opengl, so I will be quite familiar with the
website edition, just give me the write permission :)


Microsoft.Windows.(Vista|XP).(QQ|Notepad++) Gcc.Gtkmm.Opengl

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