Re: [GtkGLExt] gtkglextmm program runs very slowly on a better video card in windows vista

I have found that adding a forced "invalidate" can help with updates, but there appears to be no consistent way.  Between driver updates it changes as well (OpenSuSE, and ATI).  Sometimes it updates far too much.

gdk_window_invalidate_rect (drawingarea3->window, &drawingarea3->allocation, FALSE);


明覺 wrote:
2009/5/24 明覺 <shi minjue gmail com>:
I have spent 2 whole days working on porting my gtkglextmm program
from linux to windows, now it almost succeeds, except the last issue -
runs very slowly on nvidia geforce 9500 video card in windows vista.
On the same machine, I installed debian linux, and the program runs
smoothly there; on another machine, with a intel integrated video card
in windows vista, the same application also runs smoothly.
any advice on this problem? thanks
it seems to be a cache problem, I found that if I add some cout<< to
output something, the opengl drawing area will appear quicker, the
more I output by cout<<, the quicker it will appear, so it seems that
I need to command to output the video card cache.
我的操?系統是Gnu/Linux Debian/gNewSense Gnome Mozilla Gmail/Evolution
Gtkmm/Gtkglextmm Scim Totem Pidgin.



Dr. Paul Robert Hayes
prh cemtach com
540 809 5839
Specializing in simulation, test, visualization and analysis of electromagnetic systems.

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