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I have the gtkglext 1.0.6 source, and applied the patch for to be able to compile the examples on GTK+ 2.8 and to allow gtkglextmm to compile. Was able to compile and install gtkglext and compile example. When I try to run configure I get error message with pkconfig about gtkglext, stating that the library is 1.0.6 which is library file name, but looking for 1.1.0 instead.

I did not have this problem on the older version of GTK+ (pre 2.8) in compiling both gtkglext and gtkglextmm.


Timothy M. Shead wrote:

DarkStar wrote:

How soon can we get a new release for both gtkglext and gtkglextmm. I having issues with gtkglext having split personalities between version 1.0.6 and 1.1.0 after applying the patch.

Don't know what this means, what's the problem?

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