Re: [gtk-vnc-devel] [PATCH] Fix little to big endian conversion

Jonh Wendell wrote:
Em Qua, 2008-02-06 às 18:37 -0600, Anthony Liguori escreveu:
Hiroyuki Kaguchi wrote:
When the endian between VNC server and X server is different, the displayed color is abnormal.
This is because the endian conversion of the pixel data is not done .

X server that uses big endian cannot be used.
The reason is that most Linux vncserver sends data by little endian.

Of course, Fedora8(Linux) and Windows(Xming) works fine, since it uses
little endian for X protocol.

This patch applies follows:
(a)The endian conversion function is called by the SET_PIXEL function.
(b)It is checked whether there is difference in endian between X server and VNC Server.
(c)The byte_order variable is added to the gvnc_framebuffer structure.

Sign-off-by: Hiroyuki Kaguchi <fj7025cf aa jp fujitsu com>

Thanks. Applied.


Anthony Liguori

I think this patch broke thinks here. See the screenshot attached,

What's the server? Can you provide the debug output from gvncviewer (I'm specifically interested in what encodings are being used and what the pixel format is).

I tested the patch before applying and it seemed to work with TightVNC using the Tight encoding.


Anthony Liguori

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