Re: [gtk-vnc-devel] Time for new release ...

Daniel P. Berrange wrote:
On Thu, Nov 27, 2008 at 12:46:52PM -0300, Jonh Wendell wrote:
Em Qui, 2008-11-27 às 11:12 +0000, Daniel P. Berrange escreveu:
Jonh and I were talking on IRC the other day and think its time for a new
release so we can get people using the new Cairo based rendering code,
Windows portability, and (hopefully) fixed keyboard handling. Any

How about the ms-logon patch? It could be added into this release.

I'm not entirely happy with the code license pedigree of the diffie-hellman
stuff in that patch. So here's a version that is re-written to be clean.

This is basically written based off the gnutls internal DH impl, in
lib/gnutls_dh.c which is explicitly LGPLv2+ licensed. It uses gcrypt
for its core functions.

NB, I don't have a windows server against which to test this code, so it
is quite possible I broke it when re-writing ....

I'm happy with this provided it's disabled by default like we talked about in IRC.


Anthony Liguori

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