[gtk-vnc-devel] ANNOUNCE: Release 0.2.0 of GTK-VNC

The GTK-VNC development team is pleased to announce the availability of
release 0.2.0

It can be downloaded from sourceforge at:


Bug fixes:

This release fixes compatability with mixed endianess client
and servers and BGR/RGB pixel format displays. Mixed colour
depths are now correctly accounted for & converted appropriately.
Graceful shutdown is now handled correctly, interrupting any
pending I/O waits. Added destructor to widget to ensure all
resources are free'd when the widget is deleted.

New features:

The two common client cursor offload extensions are supported
for compatability with OSX-VNC, UltraVNC and TightVNC. Support
for Vino's TLS authentication method is added. Added signals
for getting notified of desktop resize events, and authentication

Further information is available from the project website at


Dan (on behalf of the GTK-VNC development team)
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