Re: Glib::[gs]et_prgname

On 02.01.20 12:43, Jeff via gtk-perl-list wrote:
Bitten by a problem that looks as if it requires me to
Glib::set_prgname() to solve[1], I attempted to use it, only to discover
that although the code is in the git repo, it is commented out[2].


I don't know.  Most likely, no-one saw a use case originally, since you
can always just set $0 in Perl directly.  The comment above
g_get_prgname in GUtils.xs suggests that there at some point was a plan
to call g_set_prgname automatically when is loaded, but that was
never implemented as far as I can tell.

If setting $0 does not achieve what you need, I see no problem in adding
the bindings.  Patches welcome.  Otherwise I'll add it to my list, but I
don't know when I'll be able to get to it.


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