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I was absolutely sure I sent my email to gtk-perl-list as well, but it seems I missed it. I even created a "perl" tag on Discourse. My bad, I apologise.

In any case, the original mail was:

now that we've started migrating[0] GTK discussions from mailing lists over to Discourse[1], we'd like to do the same for discussions on GTK language bindings.

For this reason we opened a new category:

There are a few language-specific tags already, but we're definitely open to adding more.

There's currently no deadline to phase the language-specific mailing lists, but it would be great to get feedback from the current subscribers and decide for one.


We're still figuring out if and when we might phase out the GNOME mailing list infrastructure over to Discourse; GTK was the beta test, and we're moving permanently at the end of April. We've also been experimenting with moving more GTK-related infrastructure, like the meeting announcements and minutes, and even strawman proposals, off from the (ageing) to Discourse.

It'd be great if more communities inside GNOME moved over, also because it's easier to move topics around, split them, or mark them as resolved; but there's no pressure.


On Wed, 3 Apr 2019 at 05:10, Daniel Kasak via gtk-perl-list <gtk-perl-list gnome org> wrote:
It looks like we were missed in the email ( <sniff> ... no-one cares
about Perl devs ) ... but I assume we'll be moving to discourse like
the rest of the gtk pack?

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