ANNOUNCE: Phasing out GTK mailing lists and move to Discord

Hi all;

as announced in:

we have created a Discourse instance available at:

After testing it for the past couple of weeks, we're very satisfied with how the platform behaves, so we are going to officially migrate all GTK-related discussion lists over to Discourse. This means the following mailing lists:

 - gtk-devel-list
 - gtk-app-devel-list
 - gtk-list

Will be closed and archived on May 1st, 2019. The archives will remain public, but you won't be able to subscribe or send emails to the list.

If you're subscribed to any of those lists you will receive a link to Discourse where you'll be able to create an account on that platform; you can also use other single sign-on systems, like Google or GitHub; and if you have an LDAP account on, you're strongly encouraged to use that account.

For further information on Discourse, please see the following topics:




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