Re: Issue building Glib with Homebrew's libglib-2.0 (solution?)

On Fri, Oct 7, 2016 at 11:29 AM, Zakariyya Mughal <zaki mughal gmail com> wrote:
On that note, when distributing a Perl application via homebrew as I am
attempting to do here <>,
do you think it would be wise to build a version of Perl as a
dependency of the application?

That way there is no way that an application to could break if another
Perl version is installed/upgraded. The downside is that it takes up
more storage space. The PDL dev team takes a similar approach for
distributing PDL as SciPDL as a .dmg file.

I recommend making life as easy for your users as possible if you want
them to use your application.

If you really want to be nice to your users, you would create an
".app" package that has all of the libraries + dependencies inside of
it, and sets up the environment that your app needs to run, and
distribute it that way.  This is the "recommended" way of distributing
apps on OS X, and the method that the highest percentage of Mac users
would understand.

If you want to distribute via Homebrew, that would also work, but it's
a higher barrier for people who want to demo/install your application.
Homebrew has a few Perls available, you could add a dependency to them
from your app.  I take it you've already read the "Gems, Eggs and Perl
Modules" wiki page in the Homebrew wiki, and you're comfortable asking
your users to set up and manage local::lib, or using sudo to install
Perl module dependencies to /Library/Perl?

In other words, who do you think the users of your app might be, and
what would they feel comfortable doing?



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