Re: Glib::IO


Disadvantages which I see with the overrides are:
Mainly that you can save and read only documents with the encoding of

I don't think you can make any assumptions about the encoding of the
underlying file, or even that is is text rather than a binary format.
I agree with you that the byte array should be converted into a byte
string but beyond that the user needs to decide what to do with it
based on the file type expected by their application.

I would love to help to work on improving the implementation of the
Gio API in Perl as far as I can with my little skills.

I went ahead and forked the Glib::IO codebase here:

I realize we can't send pull requests to the "official" github repo
since it's only a mirrored copy of the GNOME repo, but the fork provides
a place to collaborate prior to sending the patches upstream. If you'd
like I can give you commit permissions. My work on
it will probably be sporadic.


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