Aw: Next release deadline: Saturday, May 28th 2016 at 00:01 UTC

Dear Brian,
dear perl-Gtk3 Maintainer,
I read just now, that patch submission shall be done by E-Mailing it to the mailing list. Sorry for that. I have sent a little proposal to your github account here:
With this it should be possible to pass additional arguments and userdatas to the callback function connected to the response signal of a Gtk3::Dialog.
The patch consists only of adding the variable $userdata to the lines 299 and 300. 
That means that 
my ($dialog, $id) = @_;
return ($dialog, $_GTK_RESPONSE_ID_TO_NICK->($id));
becomes to
my ($dialog, $id, $userdata) = @_;
return ($dialog, $_GTK_RESPONSE_ID_TO_NICK->($id), $userdata);
I found also a courios behaviour with the toggled signal in a Gtk3::CheckMenuItem. If I pass a scalar and a foreach loop to change the userdata, the output is different than if I pass a reference and change the scalar which the refenrence points to. But for that I will be open a new message the next days. Perhaps this  courious behaviour is based on my misunderstanding and incomprehension....
Best wishes,

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