Excessive height of Entry widgets

perl-gtk 0.026 creates Entry widgets with far too big minimum height (35 px) - but only if "has-frame" is TRUE (OK with perl-gtk 0.019). If "has-frame" is FALSE and, e.g. with an 8 pixel font, the height is OK - (15 px).

In an application with columns of Entry widgets with a font size ordinarily used for small text this results in the application becoming very ugly.

This is not an issue of padding (and possibly the definition of the style), but looks like the frame of the Entry widget doing an unjustified and excessive set_size_request: if you increase the font size, the height of the mapped widget remains at 35 px as long as the font size is below about 24, and then grows with the font size. If this is helpful, I could attach my short demo programme.

Is this a change of design, or a bug?

While I explored the problem and eliminated the alternative of the problem to be due to padding, I hit another problem: a css clause of
GtkEntry {
     padding 0px;
is not recognized - in order to specify the padding in 0.026 you now need to use set_name (with 0.019 it is recognized).


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