Aw: Re: Writing a Module for SourceView with GOI

Dear Marius,
Thank you very very much for your detailed and instructive answer. Everything now works fine.
I solved the problem with "my $lm = Gtk3::SourceView::LanguageManager->get_default();" following by adding the following lines to the SourceView Module:
sub import {
class_static_methods =>\@_CLASS_STATIC_METHODS,
For me "my $lm = Gtk3::SourceView::LanguageManager->get_default();"  feels more perlish than "my $lm = Gtk3::SourceView::LanguageManager::get_default();" :-)
off-topic: I saw the same problem with "Gtk3::Gdk::keyval_name($keyval);". Perhaps one of the Developer of the module could also fix this (if it is a fix :-) )?
Last but not least,you write:
+ one more issue:
our $VERSION = "0.01";
sub import {
        basename => "GtkSource",
        version => "3.0",
        package => "Gtk3::SourceView",
Please do not use interpolating quotes needlessly:
Sorry for the further inquiry: But why is it important, not needlessly use interpolating?
Again many thanks!

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