Re: Question and possibly bugs about string encoding in gtk-perl

On Friday, 16 December 2016 21:34:55 CET Torsten Schönfeld wrote:
So it seems like the safest bet would be to try to decode the window 
name from UTF8, and if that fails, try Encode::X11 and its 
'x11-compound-text' (Hi Kevin!).

ok, that makes sense. 

For the record, here's what I'm going to use:

my $raw_name = $win->get_name;
my $name;
eval { $name = decode( 'UTF-8' , $raw_name, 1); };
$name = decode( 'x11-compound-text', $raw_name ) if $@;

Many thanks for the help :-)

All the best
--   -o-  -o-   irc: dod at

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