Gtk3 test failures with gdk-pixbuf 2.31.4


I see test failures when trying to build Gtk3 with gdk-pixbuf 2.31.4
on current Debian unstable:

  # Gtk3::Gdk::Pixbuf::get_formats
  ok 141 - An object of class 'Gtk3::Gdk::PixbufFormat' isa 'Gtk3::Gdk::PixbufFormat'
  ok 142 # skip Gtk3::Gdk::Pixbuf::new_from_data; incorrect annotations
  ok 143 # skip Gtk3::Gdk::Pixbuf::new_from_data; incorrect annotations
  # Gtk3::Gdk::Pixbuf::save, save_to_buffer, save_to_callback
  ok 144
  Dubious, test returned 255 (wstat 65280, 0xff00)
  Failed 20/164 subtests 
        (less 2 skipped subtests: 142 okay)

and (in a slightly different build environment):

  # Gtk3::Gdk::Pixbuf::save, save_to_buffer, save_to_callback
  ok 144
  Can't find information for method Pixbuf::save at t/overrides.t line 644.

The corresponding C libraries (and corresponding GI files) I have
installed are:

  * glib 2.44.1
  * gdk-pixbuf 2.31.4

Note that the tests pass just fine with:

  * glib 2.44.0
  * gdk-pixbuf 2.31.1

Feel free to ask for more information if needed.


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