Re: Fetching GstBuffer Flags in GStreamer1

On 06.01.2015 01:40, Timm Murray wrote:
Well, it's fetched through the macro GST_BUFFER_FLAGS.  There seems to
be different implementations for GStreamer 1.0 and 0.10.  The 1.0
version passes it along to GST_MINI_OBJECT_FLAGS.  0.10 has its own
flags field.

If you can call the macro, then you must already be writing C or XS code. In this case you can use perl-Glib's C API:

gboolean gperl_try_convert_flag (GType type, const char * val_p, gint * val);
gint gperl_convert_flag_one (GType type, const char * val_p);
gint gperl_convert_flags (GType type, SV * val);

And for the other direction:

SV * gperl_convert_back_flags (GType type, gint val);

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