Re: Differences between Gtk2::SimpleList and Gtk2::Ex::Simple::List

muppet wrote:

On Sep 29, 2014, at 6:36 AM, Thomas Funk <t funk web de> wrote:

Hi there,

I am wondering what're the differences between those two modules apart
from the fact that Gtk2::SimpleList is deprecated in favor of

I've googled around but found nothing told me the reasons... 
Would be great if someone can explain it (or give me a link).

As i recall, we realized that placing arbitrary perl modules directly 
into the Gtk2 namespace was a bad idea in the long run, opening us up to
the possibility of name clashes and other problems as the upstream code
grew.  Moving from the original to the new name allowed fixing a couple
of warts, and the new code continued to evolve.

Thank you very much muppet! This clarifies all :-) 

From that point of view I will use Gtk2::Ex::Simple::List. Also 
Gtk2::Ex::Simple::Tree for the treeview.

Unfortunately only Debian derivatives have Gtk2::Ex::Simple::List as a
package however Gtk2::Ex::Simple::Tree has nobody (except cpan).

So there's no getting around to ship both modules together with my
package ...


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