Missing object method: new_from_file_at_size

Hi all.

I've been testing the Windows binaries I just released ( kinda got that backwards ) with a commercial app I'm working on ... and I have 1 remaining issue I can't figure out.

The code:

$self->{icons}->{CONNECTION} = Gtk3::Gdk::Pixbuf->new_from_file_at_size(
    $icon_folder . "/connection.png"
  , 24
  , 24

 ... gives:

*** unhandled exception in callback:
***   Can't locate object method "new_from_file_at_size" via package "Gtk3::Gdk::Pixbuf" at window/browser.pm line 84.
***  ignoring at C:/strawberry/perl/site/lib/Gtk3.pm line 318.

Why would that be? It works fine on Linux.


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