Re: Porting perl-GStreamer to gst 1.0

"Timm Murray" <tmurray wumpus-cave net>:
Thanks, that was easy.  There were a couple critical symbols it didn't pick up, like GST_STATE_PLAYING 
(which I expect would become GStreamer::STATE_PLAYING).  I used Devel::Symdump to recursively drop 
everything under the 'GStreamer::' namespace and I couldn't find anything.

GST_STATE_PLAYING is a member of the enum GstState, so it's wrapped like all enums in perl-Glib-based 
bindings: you simply use the short name string, i.e., "playing" in this case.

Stuff like this is documented in Glib::Flags [1] and Gtk2::api [2], the latter of which we should get into 
the docs of Glib::Object::Introspection.  Patches welcome.

[1] Automatically generated at build-time, and thus not visible on CPAN sites.


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