Re: set_rules_hint

set_rules_hint() was always a hint for the theme: it was never
guaranteed to explicitly change the colour of the even/odd rows. to be
fair, it should have been deprecated when we switched to gtk3: it's
bad application API.

the default theme simply ignores even/odd colouring in treeviews. you
will need a different theme that handles that.

there have been various usability studies on the topic of "zebra
striping", and it turns out that while it can help in certain data
sets, so do other strategies like clearly separating rows with
consistent ruling, or by visually separating the selected row with a
different colour. in practice, though, zebra striping helps the most
on paper (or any static medium, like a PDF); a dynamic medium, like a
program UI, can use other strategies to visually differentiate rows.


On 17 July 2014 05:16, Daniel Kasak <d j kasak dk gmail com> wrote:
What ever happened to set_rules_hint in gtk3? It used to work fine in gtk2
treeviews, but seems to have no effect in gtk3.


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