Patch for Gtk3 t/overrides.t to indicate what's being tested

I had a test failure in t/overrides.t in Gtk3 the last release,
because there was a missing package on my system
(gsettings-desktop-schemas, via Homebrew on OS X).

I opened RT ticket #96904 to make t/overrides.t a bit more verbose
when being used with 'prove -v'.  This will make life easier if you're
troubleshooting what failed inside of t/overrides.t.

The attached patch basically reuses the existing comments in the test
indicating what GTK/GDK/Pango function is being tested, and outputs
them via note() (from Test::More > 0.81) instead.  Notes inside of
SKIP blocks were moved inside the block, so the note() functions are
called only if that block is not SKIPped.

Output from note() is only seen if you use 'prove -v'; if you call
'perl Makefile.PL; make make install' or 'cpanm Gtk3' you won't see
the output of note().

I've also pushed this patch to my *personal* git repo, if you want to
pull, the URL is:

Please let me know if this patch is worth adding to Gtk3 permanently,
and I'll push it to



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