Re: Gtk3 Curious Behavior

On 24.09.2013 01:13, Terence Ferraro wrote:
use Gtk3 -init;
require String::Approx; String::Approx->import qw(amatch);
my $foo = String::Approx::amatch("foobar", ["3 i"], "foobor");
my $store = Gtk3::ListStore->new(qw/Glib::String/);

Produces this:
"Could  at <> line 5."

I've seen this behavior before with XML::Parser.  I "fixed" it back then
as described here: <>.  But
later I realized that it is actually a problem in nearly all of
gtk-perl.  We use the C macro PL_na incorrectly, and whenever a
third-party XS module uses PL_na in a specific way, we break.

Unfortunately, I forgot about this until you brought it up.  It's now
fixed with two commits to Glib and G:O:I.  But we should really go
through all of gtk-perl and make similar changes.

(GNOME's SSH access to Git seems to be broken right now, so I'm
attaching the patches.)

Can you verify that this fixes your problem, too?

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