Re: Gtk3 Curious Behavior

(Continued from previous email)

sub Gtk3::ListStore::insert_with_values {
  my ($model, $position, @columns_and_values) = @_;
  my ($columns, $values) = _unpack_keys_and_values (\ columns_and_values);
  if (not defined $columns) {
    croak ("Usage: Gtk3::ListStore::insert_with_values (\$model, \$position, \\\ columns, \\\ values)\n",
           " -or-: Gtk3::ListStore::insert_with_values (\$model, \$position, \$column1 => \$value1, ...)");
  my @wrapped_values = ();
  foreach my $i (0..$#{$columns}) {
    my $column_type = $model->get_column_type ($columns->[$i]);
    print "type: $column_type\n";
    push @wrapped_values,
         Glib::Object::Introspection::GValueWrapper->new (
           $column_type, $values->[$i]);
  return Glib::Object::Introspection->invoke (
    $_GTK_BASENAME, 'ListStore', 'insert_with_valuesv', # FIXME: missing rename-to annotation?
    $model, $position, $columns, \ wrapped_values);

I was able to trace that error (which for some reason only partially prints?) to the GValueWrapper invocation which should be: ccroak ("Could not find GType for '%s'", type_package);

We find that the $column_type is producing "Glib::" when amatch is used, however, if it's commented out, we produce "Glib::String" and everything just works fine.

I bring up this interesting test case because I've seen this *exact* odd behavior in a few other completely unrelated instances now. For example, I forgot to lock a shared (threaded) variable, and the next time *anywhere* in the program (completely unrelated to the variable in question) I inserted or modified an iter, this behavior appeared.

Luckily, the short test case in the previous email demonstrates the issue quite without anything too fancy. I've tried using the latest 3.10 GTK + 0.011 stock to no avail.

Thoughts would be appreciated.. =)

Terence J. Ferraro
CTO, Bio-Tech Medical Software Inc.
800-797-4711 Ext 116

On Mon, Sep 23, 2013 at 7:13 PM, Terence Ferraro <terencejferraro gmail com> wrote:
This script here:

use Gtk3 -init;
require String::Approx; String::Approx->import qw(amatch);
my $foo = String::Approx::amatch("foobar", ["3 i"], "foobor");
my $store = Gtk3::ListStore->new(qw/Glib::String/);

Produces this:
"Could  at line 5."

Some digging:

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