RE: Pango Attributes not being added to list

Jeff Hallock <JHallock WBandA com> writes:

On my desktop, the script produces:
attributes: Pango::AttrFontDesc=SCALAR(0x299ebb4) Pango::AttrForeground=SCALAR(0x299ec34)

On the server, the script produces:

I cannot reproduce this on Linux.  I tried two things: a) compile and
install pango 1.14.9 in my current dev environment and b) use my GNOME
2.16 environment which has 1.14.8.  In both settings, your program
showed the attributes being added to the list just fine.

(The output was garbled in setting a), but that's probably due to mixing
a rather old pango with bleading-edge cairo, glib, etc.  It was still
clear from the output, however, that the attributes had been applied to
the text.)

Soâ I dunno.  Looks like this is Windows-specific, at least.

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