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Here is the file I forgot to attach.


From: Jeff Hallock
Sent: Tuesday, January 29, 2013 3:30 PM
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Subject: Pango Attributes not being added to list


Greetings all,


I am using Cairo/Pango to create pdf files. I wrote a functioning script on my desktop that correctly formats my Pango text. When transferring the script to my the server where it will be executed, my text is not properly formatting. It displays the default text format (times new roman, no decorations, no fore-ground color, default font size, etc).


I have tracked the issue down to the fact that my Pango::Attr_______ objects are not being added to the Pango::AttrList when executed on the server. They are being added correctly when executing the script on my desktop computer.


I have attached the script which demonstrates that the attributes are in fact not being added to the list.


On my desktop, the script produces:

attributes: Pango::AttrFontDesc=SCALAR(0x299ebb4) Pango::AttrForeground=SCALAR(0x299ec34)


On the server, the script produces:



On a relevant side-note $layout->set_font_description( $font ) works as expected on both desktop and server. How this doesn’t allow for changing of color, underlining, etc.


Anyone have any ideas on what may be going wrong here? I realize the pango library is a bit dated, but I can’t change it, and it *seems to me* like everything I want to use was supported in the version I have. I am not getting any error messages.


I’ve thought of compiling the latest version into another folder – but at a cursory googling I see this may not be trivial. Hoping I may be able to get some feedback before I head down that road.


Desktop Environment:

Windows 7

Perl 5.16

Pango (library) 1.29.4

Pango (perl binding) 1.223



Red Hat Enterprise Server 5.3

Perl 5.8.8

Pango (library) 1.14.9

Pango (perl binding) 1.223 (also tried with 1.221 )




Thanks for reading or helping if you can!



-          Jeffrey

Attachment: pdf_test.t
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