Clutter 1.x bindings for Perl

hi everyone;

I've received a bunch of questions about the state of the perl-Clutter
bindings in the past couple of years; I entertained a vain hope of
returning to actively maintaining, but the effort of actually
maintaining the underlying C library left little to no time for

luckily, the stellar work done by Torsten on
Glib::Object::Introspection allowed me to jump start an
introspection-based binding module for Clutter in about half an hour -
including the time spent porting one of the examples in the C API
reference to Perl.

perl-Clutter is in, and it works pretty much like
perl-Gtk3 â same Dist::Zilla based setup, same dependencies.

contributions are very much welcome â though I'll try to reserve some
spare time for going back to the same levels of compatibility as the
old, static bindings.

for those who don't know what Clutter is:

  Clutter is an open source (LGPL 2.1) software library for creating
fast, compelling, portable, and dynamic graphical user interfaces.
  Clutter uses OpenGL for rendering (and optionally OpenGL|ES for use
on mobile and embedded platforms), but wraps an easy to use,
efficient, flexible API around GL's complexity.
  Clutter enforces no particular user interface style, but provides a
rich, generic foundation for higher-level toolkits tailored to
specific needs.

Clutter is a core part of the GNOME Platform, and it's used to create
the Shell, as well as various 3.x applications like Totem, Cheese,
Documents, Boxes, and various games; there is ongoing work to make
Clutter the base rendering API for the next major version of the GTK+



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