Re: Issue with Glib 1.260 in Windows 7

On 2012/06/23 at 04:55 PM, Torsten Schoenfeld <kaffeetisch gmx de> wrote:
On 15.06.2012 17:13, Martin Schlemmer wrote:
Might have spoken too soon, or different issue. I get the following 
backtrace only with 1.260 and not 1.240.
To reproduce I simply used the latest Git versions of Glib::Soup and 
Gtk2::WebKit, and did:

     $view = Gtk2::WebKit::WebView->new;
     $session = Gtk2::WebKit->get_default_session;

How did you get a Gtk2::WebKit->get_default_session?  The version at 
is commented out.  Did you simply uncomment it?

Used Emmanuel Rodriguez's git repo where its moved to WebKit.xs.

Program received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault.
_gperl_remove_mg (sv=0x2a033dc) at GObject.xs:155
155             if (SvTYPE (sv) < SVt_PVMG || !SvMAGIC (sv))

Looks like the SV is garbage.  What does "p Perl_sv_dump(my_perl, sv)" 
print?  The backtrace suggests that the sv is a SoupSession wrapper 
which gets destroyed unexpectedly (maybe because it was destroyed already).

Yep, I'll have to verify, but if I undef'd the session variable after using it, the
crash did not happen.

But as Emmanuel mentioned, I should be using HTTP::Soup, but I can try things
if anybody thinks there might be a hidden issue exposed here.


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