Re: menuitem confusion

On 04.07.2012 02:11, Dave M wrote:
Here's the diff.  Passed all the tests and works with the example.

I started applying this, but then ran into some issues.

• I realized that the undef overrides really shouldn't be there. The annotations in gtk+ just need to be fixed. I filed a bug report¹ for that.

• While in the C files, I realized at some point that even with the above fixed, the bindings only worked by accident, because G:O:I did not properly free some resources. After I fixed that in G:O:I, the list-based constructors of Gtk3::RadioMenuItem were unusable. gtk+ itself needed another set of annotation fixes, also described in the bug report.¹ I'll postpone merging these changes into G:O:I until gtk+ 3.6 is out.

• Because the alternative item-based API (*_from_widget) does not accept undef, you cannot use it exclusively to construct Gtk3::RadioMenuItems. Missing annotations again, same bug report¹.

• Finally, I realized that the custom xsubs in Gtk2 had another feature that we should preserve: if an item is passed to the list-based constructors, they swirl things around so that they do what the programmer intended. I ported that behavior now.²

So... this turned out harder than I thought. I hope Gtk3::RadioMenuItem is usable now, even though some code might have to changed undef to [] until the annotation changes are merged into gtk+.

¹ <>
² <>

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