Re: Glib-2.32.x and threading

On 2012/07/01 at 10:01 PM, "Martin Schlemmer" <Martin Schlemmer nwu ac za>
On 2012/06/30 at 01:12 PM, Torsten Schoenfeld <kaffeetisch gmx de> wrote:
On 14.06.2012 14:21, Martin Schlemmer wrote:
Any insight or suggestions to try to track it down will be

Do you have a small example Perl program that reproduces the problem?

I will get back on this one, as I think its due to the threading changes in 
2.31+ for

Basically above C example actually also locks up if you move the window. I 
had issues to try and debug it, as GDB do not give insightful backtraces. I 
build a stack with VS2010 and from that with the C example at least it looks 
its a deadlock with the GDK lock (at least on Win7 with the new api's being 
for glib's thread/mutex support - will look at what the code does on WinXP

Ok, this definitely seems like an issue with glib 2.32 and Win32, as the same
happens with gtk3, and even with the example modified to use add_idle()
to update the label (only in main thread). Works fine with glib 2.30 and
earlier before the threading changes.

Will take this to the gtk list, sorry for the noise.


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