Re: Will Gtk3 land on CPAN soon?

On 01.10.2011 06:56, Emmanuel Rodriguez wrote:
Is there a plan to release Gtk3 into CPAN soon? I have released
Gtk3::WebKit which based on Glib::GObject::Introspection and it could
really use to have Gtk3 loaded into CPAN.
Of course someone can still use Gtk3 directly through GIR, but I think
that it would be nicer if Gtk3 makes its way to CPAN.

Yes, eventually. One problem is that it would require Glib 1.23x which is not on CPAN (I forgot that when I uploaded G:O:I, which also depends on Glib 1.23x). Right now, Gtk3 could use some more eyes that look for missing overrides. (Likely candidates are whatever has custom xsubs in Gtk2, or has overrides in pygobject.) Also, I'd like to get the dialog response ID stuff working first (will likely require XS :-/). And a port of the new-fangled gtk-demo would also be nice. Help welcome.

Finally, we could also do with another release engineer who would try to get us back onto some kind of schedule. Florian, who volunteered for this some time ago, is currently busy releasing perl itself.

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