Will Gtk3 land on CPAN soon?


Is there a plan to release Gtk3 into CPAN soon? I have released
Gtk3::WebKit which based on Glib::GObject::Introspection and it could
really use to have Gtk3 loaded into CPAN.
Of course someone can still use Gtk3 directly through GIR, but I think
that it would be nicer if Gtk3 makes its way to CPAN.

I've been playing with Glib::GObject::Introspection and it's really a
wonderful module. I hope that it lands in linux distributions soon so
that more people can use it.

In fact, I have uploaded already 2 modules to CPAN that are based on
GIR (Gtk3::WebKit and HTTP::Soup based on libsoup) and I didn't had
too many problems.

Emmanuel Rodriguez

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