Glib on Windows: "missing" dll.exp.dll


  I have some Perl bindings for a GObject-based library (named oscats)
built on top of the perl Glib module.  Everything works fine Mac OS X,
but I'm running into trouble on Windows.  I can successfully compile
the oscats module linking against Glib.dll, but when I try to load the
oscats module, Windows reports that "dll.exp.dll" is missing.  If I
compile a dummy oscats module that does not link against Glib.dll (and
doesn't have any real content), I don't get the error on load.

  Some searching on Google suggests that others have had problems with
a missing "dll.exp.dll" error, but I didn't see any resolution.
Dependency Walker doesn't list "dll.exp.dll" as a dependency for
Glib.dll (though grep suggests that the file contains the string
somewhere), but DW does list "dll.exp.dll" as a dependency for
oscats.dll, even though dll.exp doesn't appear in the list of
libraries given to the linker at build time.

  I had this working a year ago, and for the life of me, I can't
figure out what's changed.  Any ideas?

  Configuration: Glib-1.240 on Strawberry Perl, with updated
ExtUtils::MakeMaker.  The oscats module is built with Module::Build
and ExtUtils::CBuilder.


Michael Culbertson

QUERIES Division
Department of Educational Psychology
University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

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