Using a gtknotebook in a main window to display a child window

I'm testing gtk2 to build a gui to a mysql database. To display bound
records and the main record I use 2 windows (create with glade). The
window that contains the child records is kept in sync with the main one
using some code in the on_change event of the primary key.

I would like to display the child window in a gtk notebook page of the
main window.

Is this possible without having to copy all the fields and code from the
child window in the page ? Is it possible to include the child window on
the fly ?

Since I use perl module for the code of each window, I hope I could have
each module separate even if the child window is a part of the main one.

For those who know MS-Access, that would be like a sub form is include
in a main form, just with using a sub_form control.

Thanks for any help

FranÃois R.

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