Re: dialog window resize

Attila bardi <attila bardi gmail com> writes:

Then how can I set the window size and remove the right from the UI user to
resize it?

Maybe Gtk2::Window set_geometry_hints() saying the minimum and maximum
sizes the same value.

Or Gtk2::Gdk::Window set_functions() to take away the resize handles,
wherever that hides on the Gtk2::Window (or apply it after "realize").

Of course both depend on the window manager obeying those hints

I'd think forcibly disallowing resize is probably not a good idea
though.  Make the default size something sensible, and if the user makes
a mess later too bad.  Generally all widgets and windows are meant to do
at least something in any size, even if not very well, etc.  Resize
might even be important if you've botched a size calculation and the
user has to expand to see the full content.

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