Re: Out-dated Gtk2::Gdk::Keysyms document

This means that we don't have to change our code, right? There are already some users complaining about 
non-working keyboard-shortcuts et cetera.
Those users are most likely users of very up-to-date distros like ArchLinux or Gentoo. As far as understand, 
the problem will be fixed with the next gtk2-perl release?


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Betreff: Re: Out-dated Gtk2::Gdk::Keysyms document
On 24.02.2011 09:31, Keedi Kim wrote:
In Gtk2::Gdk::Keysyms document,
it uses $Gtk2::Gdk::Keysyms{Escape} for key code 'Escape'.
But the source code uses 'KEY_Escape' rather than 'Escape'.

I think POD needs update. :-)

'Escape' and friends are still the intended keys. The problem is that
the latest released versions of perl-Gtk2 cannot cope with the renamed
defines. The git branches master and stable-1-22 have a fix already,
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