Re: Gtk3

On 27.02.2011 20:41, Emmanuele Bassi wrote:
I just spent this Saturday on G:O:I, and implemented array support and
calling methods on unions. this makes it possible to write simple
Clutter programs in Perl, complete with event handling.

Terrific!  Thanks a lot for diving in, Emmanuele.

I took the liberty to go ahead and commit them to master; the changes
were pretty simple, they were mostly based on existing code, and they
have been tested agains the Regress module provided by g-i.

Yes, I think simple changes like this that are well-tested can go in without review. For more complicated patches, we can use the new Glib::Object::Introspection component of the gnome-perl product in Bugzilla.

   â length arguments for arrays:

Yeah. I'm not convinced yet that we need a second pass over the argument list for this, though. We might be able to handle this case with the GPerlI11nInvocationInfo thingy, maybe similarly to how destroy notify callbacks are handled in handle_callback_arg or callback closures in handle_void_arg. But if that turns out to be too hard or impossible, then let's just do a second pass -- argument lists are typically short.

   â memory usage:
   - there are a couple of FIXME's here and there that warrant going
     through the pain of Valgrind to make sure that we don't leak like a

I did occasionally run valgrind on this stuff when I was working on it, and I didn't see any blatantly huge leaks. But still, I'm sure there are leaks left.

I should be able to devote at least a full day every week to work on

That's great news!

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