Re: Announcing: Perl bindings for LibSoup

On 06.06.2011 16:19, Emmanuel Rodriguez wrote:
Adding custom XS methods is no problem: just write them as you normally
would.  But in the case you mention, that's not necessary.
gobject-introspection provides the means to get and set public fields of
boxed types.
How do we access public fields of boxed types?
I tried $body->data and $body->get_data without success.

It seems like I was misremembering this. While we do support converting bare structs to and from Perl hashes, we don't support acessing fields of boxed types yet. To implement this, we would need to install, for each boxed type, subs that call into a new pair of XS functions that use g_field_info_get_field and g_field_info_set_field.

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