Re: GTK2::Button retrieved from Tie::IxHash hash value does not render

Roderich Schupp <roderich schupp googlemail com> writes:

Maybe gperl_get_object and gperl_get_object_check need


*before* checking SvROK(sv)?

Yes, I think so.  Always seems a bit fraught enquiring into the nature
of an sv with those OK or TYPE macros.

If I intentionally ignore this check the next check is

  sv_derived_from(sv, "Gtk2::Widget")

which passes. Interestingly this has modified sv as a side effect:

I suppose it ran the magic.  No doubt ideally you'd want to run the
magic just once, but I've got no idea if it's easy or hard to tell
derived_from that you already did it ...

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