Re: buildable vs plain objects

On 12.09.2010 01:27, Kevin Ryde wrote:
The Gtk2::Buildable pod "PLAIN OBJECTS" reads like you can't build a
plain Glib::Object subclass at all unless you have the Gtk2::Buildable
interface on it.  I suppose that's adapted from the gtk ref manual
GtkBuildable "Description",

     In order to allow construction from a GtkBuilder UI description, an
     object class must implement the GtkBuildable interface.

But is it true?  The few lines below seem to work for me (gtk 2.20).
Gtk2::Builder seems fine on plain objects, at least as far as creating
and<property>  settings.

I think you're right. GtkBuilder simply calls g_type_from_name to map a class name to a GType and then uses glib's built-in introspection mechanisms to construct the thing. Implementing GtkBuildable is only necessary if you want to customize the construction, I think.

Are we missing something, muppet?

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