Re: builder on scalar properties

On 12.09.2010 01:35, Kevin Ryde wrote:
If an object property is a Glib::Scalar, ie. Glib::ParamSpec->scalar,
can it be set with the<property>  thingie in Gtk2::Builder ?  The few
lines below get

     Gtk-WARNING **: Failed to set property Foo.myscalar to "hello": Could not parse '"hello"' as a GPerlSV 
at /tmp/ line 21.

and apparently don't set the property.

This messages appears to originate from gtk_builder_value_from_string_type in gtk/gtkbuilder.c. This function seems to be responsible for converting the strings coming from XML to actual values, and it only knows about the common value types. I don't see any hooks to customize this process. Not even providing a SET_BUILDABLE_PROPERTY override would be sufficient. I think you'd need to have a custom tag for this, handled in a CUSTOM_TAG_START override.

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