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Hi to all,
I try to set the active row in a treeview(treesort) to another row than 0. This works but the row 0 is always 
highlighted (light).
Here's my code:
    my $row_path = $theme_center_list_real_hash{$row_name}; # e.g "4:2"
    my $tree_model = $tree_view_object->get_model();
    my $treeiter = $tree_model->get_iter_from_string($row_path);
    my $treepath = $tree_model->get_path ($treeiter);
    my $treeselection = $tree_view_object->get_selection();

If I printout the path list with
@paths = $treeselection->get_selected_rows;
only the selected row I want is listed. So I guess the light higlighted row is an old display state.

How can I clear this "state"?
After clicking to another row it will be cleared but at the beginning when the program starts it looks 

Thanks in advance,
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