'enable-search' lost after applying new ListStore to TreeView

Hi All,

Attached is a program that when first loaded applies a ListStore to a
TreeView.  It uses the attached glade file for the gui which doesn't
need converting with gtk-builder-convert.py.

There is a button that when clicked re-creates the store and
re-applies it to the TreeView.

The problem I am having is after the model is re-applied the
'enable-search' feature of the TreeView appears to stop working, or is

This may be reproduced in the following way:

1. Start the program, on winxp I use: perl main.pl
2. Type 'pu' without the quotes
- Pulp Fiction is automatically selected.
3. Click 'Apply Model' button.
4. Click any row in the TreeView to give it focus back
5. Type any prefix to a movie name
- At this point no search is made.

Is someone able to let me know why this occurs and how I could fix it?

Many thanks,


Attachment: TreeViewSearch.glade
Description: Binary data

Attachment: main.pl
Description: Binary data

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