Cairo 1.070 (unstable) available

Overview of changes in Cairo 1.070

* Wrap 1.8 API:
  - cairo_show_text_glyphs
  - cairo_scaled_font_text_to_glyphs and
  - cairo_surface_get_fallback_resolution and
* Make Cairo::Pattern->set_extend, get_extend, set_filter and get_filter
  available to all pattern types, not just surface patterns.
* Fix a memory manage bug in Cairo::FtFontFace.
* Fix a bug in the enum conversion code that made it more lenient that
* Add a few examples.
* Fix a few test failures.

The package is available as a tarball:

Cairo provides Perl bindings for the vector graphics library cairo.  It
supports multiple output targets, including PDF, PNG and SVG.  Cairo
produces identical output on all those targets.

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