Scrolling on Larger Fonts

Hi All,

In the attached program there are two textviews, one uses the default fontsize and the other uses fontsize 12 
- a little larger than the default.  After typing text into each of the text views (copying and pasting this 
email is enough), so that the scroll bar appears, when I scroll the larger font text view the text doesn't 
appear to redraw? refresh? correctly. The tops of some lines are cut off as I scroll up and down to view the 
top and bottom of the page.

It is then necessary to place the cursor on the munged line and it then shows all of the text for that line 
where the cursor is placed.

Is someone able to tell me how to overcome this so that when I scroll the text is always clearly written?

I am running the program on WinXP using camelbox.  I run the program as C:> perl

Thanks for your time.


Attachment: textviews.ui
Description: Binary data

Description: Binary data

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