subclass versus new_with_foo

I noticed various class methods like Gtk2::TextView->new_with_buffer()
ignore their class name arg, so if you call from a subclass
MyTextView->new_with_buffer() you only get a base Gtk2::TextView.
Sample code below.

Is it feasible to have some of those new_with_foo() methods follow the
class name?  An xs equivalent of maybe

  # sub new_with_buffer {
  #   my ($class, $textbuf) = @_;
  #   return Glib::Object::new ($class, buffer => $textbuf);
  # }

along the lines of the commented out
new_with_buffer() below maybe.

Many are simple shorthands for setting properties at create, or create
followed by $obj->set_foo.  Perhaps any complicated ones could be
quietly ignored.

Following the class name would be good for Perl level subclassing.
I suppose the alternative is each subclass to think about what it needs
or wants, perhaps with some multi-inheritance mix-ins to offer likely
forms for a new_with_buffer() etc.

use strict;
use warnings;

  package MyTextView;
  use Gtk2;
  use Glib::Object::Subclass 'Gtk2::TextView';

{ my $tv = MyTextView->new;
  print "MyTextView new() gives: ",ref($tv),"\n"; }

{ my $tv = MyTextView->new_with_buffer (Gtk2::TextBuffer->new);
  print "MyTextView new_with_buffer() gives: ",ref($tv),"\n";

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